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All gone quiet

It’s all hands on deck at home as finishing off seems to take almost as long as actually painting an icon. Our last icon session is only days away and details of the graduation show next month are now up on the PSTA website. I would be delighted if you could come along though I know many of you are miles away. It promises to be a great show as my fellow students have produced some breath-taking work.

I plan to continue with the blog after the course has finished as I haven’t posted any where near as much as I had intended.

I will be back in touch when I get a moment and will leave you with these two icons which are almost complete…varnishing, picture hooks and cord still to add.

iconpainting of St Hilda of Whitby by Ronnie Cruwys

St Hilda of Whitby

Icon painting in egg tempera of St Francis of Assisi

St Francis of Assis

Thanks for reading!





13 Responses to “All gone quiet”

  1. Michelle

    Hi Ronnie. I have so enjoyed reading your posts and these icons look amazing! Thanks for taking time out to share your work and journey and I look forward to more soon πŸ™‚

  2. alisonogle

    Beautiful beautiful work Ronnie. I hope you are feeling proud of yourself. Best wishes for a fantastic show, I’m sorry I’m too far away to come. Post photos for us.

  3. Mark Charlton

    Very beautiful work. All the best for the show. Thank you for blogging about your journey as an icon diploma student. It has been an inspiration. I hope that you continue blogging!

    • ronniecruwys

      Thanks very much Mark. I will definitely keep up the blog posts as I’d like to go back over all that we have been taught – there’s been a lot to take in!

  4. Michelle

    These look wonderful Ronnie, I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and hope you continue, thank you for taking the time to share with us πŸ˜ƒ

    • ronniecruwys

      Hello Michelle, thanks so very much. I have been really uplifted by these comments today. The course has been quite a big commitment and I have found the last few months the most demanding so reading these generous comments makes all the difference – thank you. Yes, I will continue the blog as I have a lot of things I would still like to share!

  5. Ruth Tuschling

    Dear Ronnie, I’ve been following your blog since the diploma course started (I’m a friend of Susan M’s and have done a one-week course with Aidan). Please do keep it up, it’s a lifeline to lone ikon apprentices like me who aren’t able to apply to the diploma course themselves. You have a real gift for explaining what you’ve done, as well as producing beautiful work. Many prayers and blessings for the forthcoming exhibition.


    • ronniecruwys

      Dear Ruth,
      You have no idea how heartening it is to hear you say this – thank you! From the beginning, I’ve felt very privileged to be able to do the course and felt it was worth sharing even if there was only one other person reading! I plan to go back to the beginning of my notes and go over everything Ive learnt – so theres plenty more to share! Thanks again Ruth, love Ronnie


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