‘Icons are painted in prayer and are for prayer….summoning us to leave behind all that is earthly and to breath in air more pure than we can understand’.

Sister Wendy Becket

Embarking on Aidan Hart’s icon painting course through the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts has been a creative adventure.

Gaining insights into the nature of gold, mineral and earth pigments, observing the vitality and interaction of colours has led me into an ever-increasing awareness of my surroundings and a trust that my work will continue to grow and develop.

I have shared some of my experience on my blog www.icondiplomastudent.com which I began in 2013 at the start of the diploma. As a lifetime apprentice of this rich and complex art form, I remain an icon diploma student.

Please get in touch if you see something that you would like to buy but can’t afford – I am happy to discuss staged payments.

Ronnie Cruwys