I hope to build up a library of guidance notes for you to refer to here:

  1. Grinding minerals (Azurite) to make pigment for painting with egg tempera. Link to a four page pdf for you to download grinding-azurite-for-painting-by-ronnie-cruwys.
  2. Membrane Technique Part One: Underpainting a face and application of the membrane on an icon face. Membrane technique part one underpainting and membrane

Icon painting –  Aidan Hart’s website has a comprehensive resource page  including icon painting courses, books and suppliers worldwide.

Aidan Hart Icons

Gilding and Materials

L.Cornelissen & Son

Wright of Lymm (Stonehouse)

To see a series of amateur video clips of Aidan Hart demonstrating in-class gilding and painting techniques, these are available on You Tube here.


The British Library

Icon boards, gessoed panels, triptychs, church furnishing and more

Dylan Hartley Ironbridge, Shropshire.

Scanning, icon photography and giclee printing:

Smith York Printers, Grantown on Spey, Scotland