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Herald of Spring

Greetings icon friends!

Warmest wishes for Candlemas on Thursday!  Here’s Archangel Gabriel, first icon of 2017.

icon by Cruwys

Archangel Gabriel

This post is short and sweet while I’m gathering my thoughts on varnishing icons…or rather questions. I’d love to hear of people’s preferences – there seem to be so many options yet each with drawbacks.

Bye for now


PS Prints and cards of this icon are now available from Smith York Printers.

6 Responses to “Herald of Spring”

  1. Marcella

    Hi Ronnie,
    I love the Boiled Linseed Oil technique. Particularly as one prays as you apply it, in a cruciform pattern
    and the very feel of it is beautiful’
    love Marcella

  2. Linda

    Hello Ronnie, just found your blog through Instagram and am now reading from the start. I’ve come across mention of your course notes and wonder if they are still available for me to read alongside the blog?

    • ronniecruwys

      Hi Linda, Thanks for following the blog! Love your Instagram pics – sewing, cats, icons all in the Scottish borders – I think we’d get on! Yes, I did a mad rash thing saying I’d share my notes…they started out all tidy then developed into hasty illegible scribbles over Aidan’s handouts that I would have to rewrite them all…I would like to go through them all again, so as and when I do, I will add some of them. In the meantime – do let me know if there is anything in particular you need to know and I will do my best to help out. Thanks again for getting in touch, Ronnie

  3. 1annemarie

    Varnishing – I think I have tried everything. Now I use a matt varnish called “Trestjerner” (Jotun) Silkmatte floor varnish oilbased. Gives the best result I have achieved – so far!

    • ronniecruwys

      This sounds really interesting Anne Marie – thank you! I think I am going to prepare a few small sample boards and try this and Marcella’s suggestion too. Ronnie


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