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Learning to see with the eye of the heart

A Stormy Start

Tomorrow, on the feast of St Jude and St Simon, twelve students will gather to begin our three year icon diploma course, run by Aidan Hart in the Trinity Centre at Moele Brace, Shrewsbury. We will be learning about the traditions of icon paintings, the theology, the methods and materials before painting our own icons which will go on display at the PSTA in Autumn 2016.  

Some of the students are travelling quite a distance – from Germany, Dublin and another from Brighton. This is such a privilege to be part of this group and so I would like to share some of my experience through this blog. 

It looks like we will have a choppy start as there is an amber alert for a fierce storm on its way from the Atlantic, nick-named St Jude. I wish my fellow students all a safe journey and look forward to meeting them and trust that the patron saint of lost causes will guide us through the days ahead. 

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